Reflection: My Experience At Toro Middle School

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Final Field Reflection: BYC Program Through my experience as a volunteer at Toro Middle School, it has taught me what it is like to look at a group of people in a sociological lens. To further expand my understanding of this sociological concept, I looked at my ascribed features being a 17 years old, light skinned, Asian (Vietnamese), and female in a diverse culture. The social location I had decided to volunteer was Toro Middle School. The experience has brought me laughters and great memories because of the bond I grew between some students. Besides that, because I am a Vietnamese female, this affected to how I adapted into this new environment, my gender helped me connect with a certain student, and evaluations of my reactions under certain circumstances at Toro Middle School.
Being a 17-year-old, Asian, and female, fitting into a new environment took time for students at Toro to sink in because I looked as if I was a student there. My first day in, none of the students greeted or seem to not have noticed because I was not introduced to the students. I
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My race and gender being a Vietnamese female played a role in how I adapted at Toro Middle School. Because I am Asian, it seems like the students didn't mind much but if I were to be colored-skin, the boys may have connected to me more. My gender also helped me connect with one of the students and that student taught me what inclusion and exclusion looks like. Lastly, my age affected how I react how I think a friendly act should be between the students. I realized that I should not expect the students to act how I want them to act. I had learn that it will take time to fit into a new location and feeling comfortable with it. Toro Middle School reminded me of my middle school days where students could act childish around one another to show how comfortable they are around one
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