Reflection: My Scholarly Writing Process

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My scholarly writing skills before taking this course were at a college entry level. I had not yet developed the habit of making a thorough inquiry of the logic I was using while writing. The information that I had collected was often roughly thrown together resulting in a messy, loosely connected, and often ineffective paper. I was making it more complicated than necessary for my audience to become informed from my writing. My work was missing clarity, organization and a cohesive flow. Overall, I was unsure how to achieve improvement in my scholarly writing.
During this course I have learned that the development of a step-by-step process will insure that I meet the basic requirements of a well written scholarly paper. For example, I reflect on the writing components and the APA citation guidelines I have collected in my writing binder. In order for me to make sure that I use concise wording, proper APA citations, and the inclusion of a well-constructed thesis in my introduction. Simultaneously, remembering to be objective in my perspective on the previous research in the body of my paper. Then patiently, tying everything together in my conclusion to help inform my audience. To help me accomplish this, I recognize I need to first thoroughly read and reread a wide range of relevant primary
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In order to, critique, and perpetually reconstruct my writing process to attain a higher level of refinement in my work. Indeed, the more research and researchers I read pertinent to my area of study the wider my body of reference becomes and will make me more confident in the whole process of scholarly writing. Accordingly, I appreciate how important it is to take the time to put my scholarly writing improvement plan into practice to become more effective at problem solving the whole process. In short, my scholarly writing will become quicker, easier, and more
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