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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of human excellence through the understanding of our thought process (Neuro), how the way we use language influences us and the people around us (Linguistics) and our interactive process that enables us to make decisions in our lives (Programming). It is the science and art of excellence which is derived from analyzing how the best people in various fields achieve their success (What is NLP, n.d.). NLP forms the basis for this module, Mind Quest for Excellence, as NLP is the art of modelling excellence by studying how to further improve ourselves and enrich our lives. This report will be covering two main concepts I have learnt in this module, NLP presuppositions and Meta-programmes, and how I…show more content…
This NLP presupposition mean that the mind and body are components of the same system. When our minds think differently, our bodies will feel and act differently, similarly, when we act differently, our minds will think differently. (Mind and body are one system, n.d.) One example of this presupposition being applied in the area of sports and training. I frequently run for the purpose of maintaining my fitness and improving myself. There were many instances where my mind-set affected my speed and endurance. When I think and believe that I can run faster, more often than not, the timing of my run would be much more improved than my previous timing. Even when I feel exhausted, whenever I think positively and believe that I can finish the run, I will be able to do it. Similarly, on occasions I was thinking that I was too tired to finish the run, my body just gave up and stopped running even though soon after I realised that I could have endured a little longer to finish it. This is one example in my life that have shown me the power of the mind over the body. When I think positively, I can achieve greater things, however, having a negative mind-set would handicap me in many ways, obstructing me from achieving my goals. By internalizing this presupposition, I have learnt to always think positively and believe that I can accomplish my goals in…show more content…
People have different attitudes towards various tasks which can be categorized into two categories, options or procedures. An options-person, when faced with a task, tends to like to try out new and unique ways of doing things instead of following a standard method. A procedures-person, when faced with a task, tends to prefer having a standard procedure to follow to complete the task, instead of exploring various methods. Options-people are skilled at thinking of new ways or alternate procedures to do something but struggle to follow a fixed procedure even if it is necessary while procedures-people are skilled at following given procedures but have difficulty coming up with their own procedure when required. (Options Procedures Filter, n.d.) Personally, I feel that I am more of a procedures-person when it comes to task attitude. One example of this meta-programme being applied in my life is during group projects. Being in the course Aerospace Technology, many of my projects involve building planes or gliders. As I am more of a procedures-person, I tend to like to have a fixed way of doing things, hence strictly following all standard procedures. As some of my project groupmates were more of an options-person, conflicts occurred due to the difference of opinions on how things should be done. Even though there were conflicts, we managed to complete the project successfully

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