Reflection: Newcomers Hope Club And The Fifth Wave

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In my sophomore year I was involved in two great programs. The first is “Newcomers Hope Club”, where we help provide new students with the tools they need to brighten their future, not only in school, but in life as well. In summary, we provide answers to all of their questions and concerns, and if we ever do not have a sure answer, we take the time to find it for them. We also provide them with outings where they can meet new people and connect with their peers, for example, we organized an outing to the movies to see The Fifth Wave. The second program is “Leadership Symposium” where we strive to inspire and motivate students with positive attitudes and good messages. It makes me feel good to help students who are struggling at a new school, just like I was when I first began attending. Because of my time working in the club, I…show more content…
After the end of each story, we give the children candy to positively reinforce the idea that reading is an enjoyable part of life. And its great opportunity to give the chance to get into the habit of reading because that is part of our world. I learned a lot from them because reading is a fun way to be intelligent and sometime we can read books we like and we are interested in so we have fun and we get education at the same time. This year I am volunteering at nursing home. I learned a lot from this experience. I learned how to take responsibility and how to have a full pension with them. MY career goal is Ophthalmologist to provide people with good vision and help them see the amazing world. To achieve my goal I have to go to 4 years college after high school and try to go medical school, and get into my field. I want to be further in my education to be an example to my younger brothers and to all of people who don’t believe in themselves and I want to teach a good lesson to my brothers to follow their dreams and do what they want to do. I’m also the first one in my family planing to go to college and I want them to be proud
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