Reflection Of A Civic Project

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Sherley Tan I had learnt something new during the civic project. I was introduced to some things that are made by recycle bottles like clothes, blankets, and the roof of the house. The recycling factories will break the bottles into small pieces and then make threads from it to make clothes and blankets. I’m so surprised as it’s the first time I heard about these things. Furthermore, I realized that plastic bottles can be divided into seven groups. Besides that, I’ve joined in the designing of a poster which is about the rhyme of recycle. I fully enjoy doing the work, I feel so happy for doing this project with my dearest classmates. Sia Yee Yeong In this voluntary activity, I had known the importance of taking care of our environment. Also, I learned how to classify the rubbish. I learnt that different types of paper have different values and prices. For example, a plain paper is more valuable compared to use paper and coloured paper. Not only that, I also learnt to be more voluntarily and kind. Over there, I saw that there were many elderly, middle-aged people, teenagers and others. I was touched by seeing all of them are able to volunteer every day without complaining. I learnt many things from them, and if there is any chances, I wish to be a volunteer again. Sim Bei Er After visiting to Tzu Chi Education Recycling Centre, I have realised the importance to practise recycling and the responsibility for all of us to help our environment. I have also learnt that it is

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