Reflection Of A Civil Engineering Student

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Being a Civil Engineering student doesn’t mean you will just sit there inside the four corners of a classroom and study all the theories related to engineering. There is a wide variety of ideas out there that can’t be taught inside the classroom but instead, were experienced by others who are willing to share their knowledge and are waiting for someone to listen to. A seminar is just as important as classes that we are taking. As a civil engineering student, I’ve attended some seminars that I will now share to you.

A seminar was held last September 16, 2015 entitled Road to Success: The CE Way at the engineering conference hall in the University of Santo Tomas. It was about our major, Civil Engineering, and how the speakers cope up with it. I remembered one of the speakers in that seminar was Engr. Ryan Ramirez, one of our professors in UST, who shared his experiences when he was in Korea taking up his master’s degree. He shared his strengths and struggles of being a student abroad, his daily life and his experiences with the locals. This was not just any other seminar for it persuades me to consider continuing my study abroad taking up a master’s degree after I graduate.

Another seminar I attended was organized by the Junior Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers. It was held at Cinema 1, SM Sta. Mesa last January 28, 2016. The seminar was entitled Groundzero.PH and it was all about earthquakes and how civil engineering relates into it. Its purpose is to inform

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