Reflection Of A College Course

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Taking this class has had a profound impact on me. I have learned how to properly study for a college class. Also, I learned how to effectively communicate and reach out to my professor. This was my first college course which gave me a learning experience about psychology and myself as a student. I have learned how to manage my time, study in ways that are better for me, focus on the task in front of me, and reaching out and taking opportunities. I have enjoyed taking this course overall as I have met my professor, visited campus, and may take more courses at Millersville since I have learned what taking a college course is like. Even though I learned about Psychology throughout this course, I also learned about myself as a student. I learn more effectively in a classroom rather than online, I needed better time management, and to reach out and ask for help. At the beginning of this course I thought I could just use the lecture notes online and learn from those. I was wrong. After not doing so well on the first two exams, I could not figure out what was wrong. I reached out to my professor who agreed to meet me and go over my exams. She told me that I must use the text book rather than the lecture notes. Ever since I have used the text book my exam score had increased by thirty percent. I have understood the material more as I studied out of the text book. This has also helped me take effective notes. With this most recent score on my exam I had a push to keep going and
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