Math Test Short Story

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Just as normal day I (Ben) was playing soccer. I scored a lot of goals now we’re wining by 13 point. Kaboom! the ball flash inside the goal. Ring ring ring, now recess is over. What I said recess goes sooo fast. It can’t be over. Then my friend come and told me we’re gonna have something special don’t you remember. Oh yeah thats right Now I’m going back to class. We 're going to have math lesson. This lesson is different. we’re gonna have math test. three two one, start your math test. I started my test, this is so hard. this test is the hardest test i’ve ever had. um 765-768 +(1076 x 564) = ? what the heck is this type of question I shouted. This is my last question. suddenly my teacher Mr.cheevees said one minute left over to finish the test. I rushed and finished my last question. The I run to Mr.cheevees. I whispered I’m done, Mr.cheevees. Mr.cheevees looked at the test and told me you got one question wrong. which question is it that I got wrong? The last one Mr.cheevees said quietly. You have to do 1076 x 564 first and then do the rest. So your score is 29/30, good job Ben you got the best score in the entire fifth grade. Really I screamed. I grab the math test from his hand. Ring ring ring! The phone ringed my teacher Mr.cheevees walked over…show more content…
Thats our only choose that we can make. Or we’re gonna die. I run to the door and jumped down then I landed in the lake. Sophie said, but I’m scared. Mo said don’t be scared I’ll count to three and you jump ok. Sophie said ok. Three I shouted! I pushed her down. She landed in the lake too beside me. Then Mo jumped He shouted I’m gonna die! then he landed inside the lake too. Sophie asked Mo I thought you’re not scared? I’m not said Mo. So why are you screaming asked Sophie? I don’t know. then I screamed yeah we survived in a plane crush! They started playing with water but they don’t know their is a dangerous creature beside them. That they don’t even know. To be
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