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John Clark M. Gepitulan MedLt-I
Assignment November 16, 2017

Reflection of a Model of Research Paper Writing Instructional Materials for Academic Writing Course: Needs and Documents Analysis and Model Design The paper focuses on the writing activities for research paper making involving the syllabus, lesson plan, and existing textbook. The researchers wanted to test the available resources that they currently using in the class to see the effectiveness and the efficiency of using those instructional materials in their university. To get the data, the researchers conducted some procedures to describe the results through needs’ analysis, documentation analysis, interview and questionnaires. They used this to identify the areas
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According to Ali Ghufron, M. et al (2015) said that “reviewing relevant references is beneficial for the researchers in building some better understanding. Somehow the literature review is not enough to develop a model without any data collected from the field. Therefore, any data retrieved from the research is significantly employed to support the literature review.” The review related literatures would be their bases in getting the concept, theories, gathering procedures, data collection and interpretation and getting the results of the study. To validate all the information gathered the researchers used the descriptive explanatory research design, is to provide a picture of an event, condition or situation, or to answer question how and why. This design would be the guiding path for the researchers to gather, analyze and get the…show more content…
et al (2015) opted to prove the results of data based on the analyses done by the researchers. It is clearly seen that there was a gap between the ideal condition in teaching and learning of academic writing course and the real condition. The curriculum is in line with vision, missions, and purposes of English Education Study Program and also the students’ needs. However, the practice of teaching and learning of academic writing course still does not adjust those aspects. Hence, they discovered that the curriculum and teaching strategies were not the factors of making a research paper. According to Ali Ghufron (2015) that the main gap is that there is still no model of research paper writing instructional materials that provides good teaching technique and that appropriates with the level of difficulty, students’ background knowledge, students’ competence that should be achieved based on curriculum, and practical instructional

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