Reflection On A Confidant

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The day I gave my speech I was confidant except for when I gave my speech and the moments in front of it. I didn't feel like I was going to do well presenting my speech but for second period I didn't dwell on the fact and instead just didn't worry about it. But when I got to the classroom I wasn't confident but I also wasn't nervous because I have given small speeches before, not to my peers, but usually to adults. I could have felt more confidant on the day of the speech if I had already spoke in front of my peers more frequently in a more formal setting. I feel that I spoke (annunciated) clearly enough for people to hear me and understand what I was saying and I didn't use words that would fly over people's heads but instead I tried to…show more content…
For starters I would have made a better outline, note cards, talked louder, moved more, had good transitions, and talked more about my topics. I would make a better outline so I would have more to talk about for my topics and I would have gone into a lot more detail. I would have made more unique note cards so that It would have been a little easier to go into more depth. I would have talked louder so that it would be easier for other people to hear me, and put better transitions into it so that it would be easier for people to listen to me. Lastly I would have moved more so that I wasn't so static. Out of our class I think that Matthew McGuire did the best job with his speech because he had very good movements, his speech was funny, and he talked loud and clear. His movements were good because he was walking to the edges of the box and was making a lot of very good hand gestures. His speech was funny because he is clumsy and forgetful, and he had jokes in his speech. He was also funny because he was dynamic and was laughing and smiling to nudge us along. He talked loud when it was something that was was supposed to be a surprise and talked normally for the rest of his
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