Reflection: Exceptional And Responsive Teachers

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When I ended my Graduate Trainee course of six weeks, I was yet to figure out what made a teacher exceptional.
It took me all of a month after I started teaching to figure out the difference between a successful teacher and one who is not and will never be. Many teachers today are still unable to find that key.
I am guessing it is because no formal teacher training school or teacher training course ever tells us. It is almost a rarity to be given practical tips on how to grow the kind of relationship that ensures immediate success with a class.
Many teachers will struggle throughout their entire teaching career wondering how a few of their colleagues have classes that are responsive, likeable, onside and interesting.
In Secondary School, the
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An important key is to be firm, fair and friendly. Please do not mix up being friendly with being familiar, they are not the same and a teacher must never be familiar with the student.
You must respect students personal space, you may not unnecessary pry into their lives. Students who find you approachable will come to you.
Activity 3.1
What will you start doing to become more approachable to students? Mention four.
An important step to being approachable is to consider how you dress.
How do you dress to school? And this is not about being formal or informal to school. What types of clothes do you put on? Are you fashionable? Are you able to find a good mix of being fashionable, modest, looking attractive and not drab?
Do you know colours not to mix? Do you understand the concept of colour blocking?
Do you know the latest IT tech in town? If students talk about blogs and podcasts and wikis, would you be lost? What about snapchat and Instagram?
Do you have an account?
Do you know who Miley Cyrus and Tiwa Savage are? Do you know anything about the Kardashians? Or about Tyga and
Davido? What about Caithlyn Jenner?
These are the things and the people that shape the lives of our students. To help our students we must have something
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Perhaps it is your class? A lot of this is related to the personality of the teacher.
Key lesson in life- you get what you give.
If you give passion- you get passion.
Active people stand out, they are risk takers, they are passionate and most importantly they are dependable.
I once read somewhere – TEACHING IS A HIGH-ENERGY
Let’s face it, the students you teach are bubbling and bursting with boundless energy…..and there you are….you who call yourself a teacher….dead on arrival… passion….no energy….what do you think will happen? They will run you out of the way.
Every teacher must be ready for that energy coming into their class and you must meet it with all of yours.
I found this story interesting and I think it is worth sharing.
I have a confession to make. I sucked my first year teaching. I sucked so bad the Principal made a point of coming into my room at least once a day to tell me how much I sucked. She would even go as far as to tell me how much I sucked in front of my students. One day she pulled me aside in the middle of a lesson and proclaimed “That’s not teaching.” She continued on
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