Reflection Of Active Learning: My Personal Understanding Of Learning

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My personal understanding of learning was the traditional approach where the teacher talks and learners listen. I was following the same approach and only after joining CITDL, my understanding was challenged and I realized that learners need to take responsibility of their learning. Learning would be long lasting only when the child takes the initiative towards self-learning. I agree with Bruner’s (1960) theory of Constructivism i.e. People learn best from their own practical life experiences and their prior knowledge. So, I started to adopt active learning ways where learners learnt through hands on experiences and then only I realized that Active Learning could bring about quantifiable measurable results. I was also influenced immensely with Howard Gardener’s (1983) theory of Multiple Intelligence as it speaks about how people learning styles differ. They could be Visual- Spatial, Verbal-Linguistic, Logical, Naturalist, Musical, Bodily-kinaesthetic, Inter personal or Intra personal learners, which I put into practice and saw the results in my own class. Community of Practice by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger (1998) strengthened my personal belief of learning in groups who share a craft or profession or learn from each other by sharing information and experiences. Using this theory I’ve tried to group my learners according to some similarities towards their learning styles and interests. And finally Kolb’s (1984) Experiential Learning Cycle had helped me in my lesson plans to

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