Reflection Of Alexander Hamilton: One Of The Musical

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Hamilton is one of the biggest broadway musicals to this date, with its success we tend to overlook why it is so good, It isn 't an amazing musical because of how it is performed or because of its music, but it is amazing because of its bigger theme and they way it makes us the viewers feel. Throughout watching Hamilton, from mine and many other experiences we can clearly see that although it is an amazing musical and it truly makes you feel many emotions, Something me and many others had noticed is that it has a greater theme that makes the whole musical tie together more. This theme is legacy, as we know Alexander Hamilton has always worked very hard for the things he had, but is main purpose for doing all that work was so that his legacy could be carried on and all his hard work would be paid off. We see many examples of this in the musical and he even talked about his legacy for a couple of minutes and from it we interpreted that the musical Hamilton had a more hidden theme that really brought out some of the best scenes and emotions of the musical Hamilton.

In addition, My experiences with the musical Hamilton was an experience that I will never forget, it had so much emotion and such amazing actors that it truly moved me and I truly enjoyed watching the musical and I would watch it again and again. Its meaning and its way of using music to tell is story was the most interesting part for me, I am a huge music guy so when I can see a story in a song it really intrigues

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