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Since I was six, I knew that I wanted to be an educator; specifically, an English teacher. When the assignment arose to observe something specific about a desired career, it took me a matter of moments to decide on what exactly I wanted to do it over; to observe a classroom. I thought the assignment could not be completed successfully unless I went back to the women who inspired me to be the very best I could be. Watching the student over being the student allowed me to see the true purpose of being a teacher. Mrs. Holloway was my freshmen English teacher in high school. Before I had ever gone through her class, I knew that I had a desire to partake in her particular career field. However, I did not know that after that year, she would be…show more content…
How it ran was vastly different from my experience in the regular English classes. The expectations were exceedingly lower. I was expected to read the assignments the night before and be ready to come in the next day and have with a discussion ready mind. The kids in the regular class were read to and while most students paid attention, others zoned into their own worlds. This was a moment that shaped my perspective of any classroom a little differently. All students do not learn the same. Some do take longer than others to comprehend what might take seconds for another; however, does lowering the expectations truly allow the student to excel like the advanced group? Mrs. Holloway talked that how she teaches every class is different; not one class has students that resemble the other. The approach is what counts the most with keeping the growth expectation high for every…show more content…
I has heard so many stories of individuals pursing career fields as educators and decided after they had their own classroom it was not for them. Walking in, that was one of my biggest fears; to leave, and no longer feel the desire to pursue what I had dreamed about for so long. I asked Mrs. Holloway before I left that if she could go back and make the choice to become an English teacher again, would she? All this given she got to keep her experiences and understandings. She said,”If anything, I would want to do it more now than when I first was working towards this career. Education is constantly evolving and never the same each year. Its hard to grow bored when nothing is the same. “ I learned a lot about what is truly asked of a teacher by this experience. Its not just any job but its about making a difference in the lives of those who will influence our future world. I developed a new appreciation for the work that I will one day do and it makes the years I have left before then so much more meaningful. Walt Disney said it best,” If you can dream it, you can do it” and this is a dream I will surely

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