Enid Stereotypes

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This movie has a look and personality of its own, but lacks a discernable mood. Apathy, maybe, is the tone. As a dark comedy, apathy can work. This is the third Scarlett Johansson movie I 've watched to review since deciding to binge her movies this month after reading in a newspaper it was recently her birthday. Sometimes accidental promotion is the best type of promotion, because then you can feel like you 're choosing to watch a movie free of the influence of hype. I 've read this film has a cult following, but this movie wasn 't hyped to me by a cultist. Anyway, the lead role goes to Thora Birch as Enid. The mood seems to be a reflection of Enid and Rebecca 's (played by Johansson) perspective on graduation and the world around them. Their community is in decay, and they, as recent (almost for Enid) graduates, have little to no ambition to move on to university or college to improve themselves or their community. One argument is that by living in this world, they become a reflection of it, and if it 's a decaying world, they don 't learn the ambition to improve themselves or community. Aesthetically, the sets and color…show more content…
Considering this movie is made by the same man who made CRUMB and BAD SANTA, insane might be what he was going for. It is definitely a darkly comedic look at underachievement. At times this movie seems to be struggling to express itself like the summer high school art students. On the other hand, the film 's rambling struggles may be an immersive reflection of the characters ' struggles. Overall, this film is more interesting than entertaining, and that can be a good thing. Even after all that, as Enid rides off in the end it 's hardly optimistic, but more like a ghost bus driving off into a ghost world where old Norman finally caught the same bus that was not in
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