Reflection Of Christian Education: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. It is evident that education is needed for survival. Hence, I give equal credence to progressivism. As I reverberate on my personal philosophy of education, I would like to emphasize on the thorough understanding of the biblical concepts of education, the students’ presupposition, the principles of Christian education, nature and role of the learner, role of the teacher, and content of the curriculum and methodology of delivery. To my knowledge, these are essential to one’s personal growth and lifestyle. Education is a life-long learning process which provides life-altering opportunities. Thus, I believe that it is vital for curriculum…show more content…
As I reminisce on Proverbs 16:16 which explains that having wisdom and understanding is better than having silver and gold. Nice and expensive items can be enjoyable, but there are very few things in life that can never be taken away, will never go out of style, and that truly makes you a better person. True education is one of those things. Therefore, I concur with the philosophical view point of Ellen G. White in her book “Education” (1952) that “Study and work and work and study will keep in active exercise both physical and mental. These two, rightly conducted, will not war against each other.” I think it is inevitable to make the works of Christ to be acknowledged in all aspects and content area. Youngsters will become wiser and more trustworthy as their character will portray that of the Almighty. As White also reminded us in her book ‘Education” (1952), “Do not borrow the productions of other men’s brains and pens and recite them as a lesson; but make the most of the talents, the brain power, that God has given

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