Reflection Of Cinderella

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How did the movie make you feel? This fantasy film evoked a surprisingly large amount of laughter from me. I also felt as if I was living in an artificial world where many races got along. Furthermore, seeing such a diverse cast was very pleasing as the original Cinderella characters were primarily white. Additionally, seeing the way in which the towns people got along during the ball announcement, was very satisfying because you had Asian, Black and White people all dancing and interacting peacefully. Did the main character(s) learn anything from her/his actions by the end of the film? (A great lesson/theme is universal. Theme defines the philosophical, ethical, or moral point of the story. Sometimes our main character doesn’t learn anything,…show more content…
Cinderella was constantly dreaming of being with the prince and going to the ball, however it was not until her Fairy Godmother showed up that Cinderella truly started believing that the impossible is in fact attainable. As Cinderella acquired a new dress, got her hair done, and had a carriage created, she began to see that her dreams were becoming a reality. When she arrived at the ball, she felt a lack of confidence, but when the Prince and her were reunited after the ball, they ended up getting married. Select your favorite character or a character that interests you the most. Define your chosen character in terms of whether (s)he is the protagonist (hero), antagonist (villain), love interest (romantic lead), supporting player (helper/mentor/sidekick/voice of reason/comic relief) or a catalyst. My favorite character was Minerva. She is a supporting player in the film as she is often a comic relief. It’s Minerva’s obnoxious behavior and comments that make her so funny. For instance, during the ball she was supposed to try and impress the prince with her “ladylike” behavior and instead she blurts out, “when can I dance with the prince”. This scene had me cracking up as it was the last thing I expected to see during the
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