Reflection Of Communication And Communication At The Voluntaly Service

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Coming to the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) office was nerve-wrecking for me. As I enter the office, the staff and Ms. Maloy happily and in the most friendly way welcomed me to her office. We started our conversation by her asking me what I know about VSO and I replied with the information that I got from their website. Afterwards, She asked me about myself and explained what VSO is and how it works, as well an overview of what she does on a routine basis.
There were 4 staff including the administrator in the room, I immediately noticed their communication pattern- informal but in a very respectful manner. Ms. Maloy talks to her colleagues in a very friendly way. I know for a fact, that she has a good relation with her staff as she regards them as “Kapatid” or sibling. When one of her staff came in, she started their conversation by asking how her trip was. She listened to their stories of how the meeting with the return volunteers went. They also pointed out what works and not and raised some recommendations to make the meeting with the Return Volunteers (RV) efficiently and more accessible.
According to Ronald Riggio, Ph.D (Riggio, 2006), a charismatic leader is “essentially very skilled communicators, individuals who are both verbally eloquent, but also able to communicate to followers on a deep, emotional level” I thought of Ms. Maloy as fitting this description because she uses her charm and eloquence in interacting with her staff and volunteers. She

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