Reflection Of Conflict And Communication

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I enjoyed reading your discussion in regards to conflict, specifically communication. You’re absolutely right when your state, “communication is key”. I talked to an individual the other day that said they recently changed positions in their career. Upon talking about their new position, this individual stated that the first two weeks in the new position has been really difficult. When asked why, they stated that before she worked with a tightknit group, whose communication and values were very strong. In the new position, the individual stated that they have hardly communicated with the new team members, everyone keeps to themselves, and the adjustment is already becoming stressful. I asked the individual what they believe would have made the transition over the past two weeks better and their one word was, “communication”. It was clear to see that there are a few key issues taking place. For instance, there seems to be a conflict with managing style within the new group, due to the lack of communication there must be some personality-conflicts, and the added stress could potentially lead to work-family conflicts. In our text, Kinicki and Fugate speak about contact hypothesis. This means, “that the more members of different groups interact, the less intergroup conflict they will experience” (Kinicki & Fugate, 340). It is ideally up to the managers to resolve intergroup conflict
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