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Executive Summary Customer satisfaction shows how the customer perceives delivery of service. Customer satisfaction is a major function regarding service performance which is relative to the customer expectation. Therefore, it is critical to comprehend that how customer expectation is built in order to recognize the factors of service quality in the restaurant. Expectations differs from customer to customer, based on their knowledge and understanding of the product or service. It can be implied that the customer might estimate how the service performance will be or might think what the performance ought to be. Customer would be satisfied if the service performance meets or exceeds the customers’ expectation.
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Every service business are trying their best to improve service quality to make their customer satisfied with their products and services, especially hospitality and tourism industry. In order to meet the customers’ basic needs and expectations, hospitality and tourism operators now focus more on service quality standard. Once the customers’ needs and requirements are clearly understood, service provider are more likely to fulfill the customers’ demand (Juwaheer & Ross, 2003). Satisfied customers likely to return or prolong the services (Choi & Chu,…show more content…
They provide assistance to guest, fulfill their needs and meet their demands. As mentioned above, service quality is determined as the comparison that the customers make between the expectations about a service and the perception of the way that service has been delivered. Parsuraman et al. (1985) stated service quality as the function of difference between performance and service quality along with ten major dimension. In later research, Parasuraman et al. (1988) interpreted defined the service quality in terms of five dimensions which are empathy, tangibility, reliability, assurance and responsiveness. For instance, Min and Min (1997) stated the concept that services have the nature that are considered most important, normally in forming the impressions of service quality; empathy (caring and personalized attention), tangibility (how well the staffs are dressed), reliability (ability to solve problem faced by guests), assurance (safety and security of guests) and responsiveness (ease in reserving

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