Reflection Of Education: My Experiences, Cultures And Poverty

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Throughout my teaching career, my personal experiences have allowed me to connect with my students, most of whom live in poverty. They respect that while we have many shared experiences in regards to childhood financial circumstances, I have first hand knowledge of cultures, places, and ideas completely foreign to them. The shared experiences build trust (she knows what it 's like to be me), and my unique experiences allow me to enrich their lives. I am interested in the opportunity in Ecuador primarily for just that - to enrich the lives of my students, so many of whom struggle in generational poverty - and for whom education is the only way out. I want to be "that teacher", who students identified with enough to trust, and were enriched by enough to change their own circumstances as well as the fortunes as those around them. In 1989, I moved from Los Angeles to a rural Kentucky town, smaller than the company where I was last employed, and even the high school I graduated from. I had always had friends and colleagues from every corner of the globe. The diversity that surrounded me enriched my life on a daily basis. Filipinos friends taught me the importance of extended family. The mother of my best “amiga” taught me how to make pico de gallo, while her five sisters educated me on the struggles back in Colombia. When Ayatolla Khomeni overtook the Shah of Iran, many of my Persian roommate 's family members were killed or imprisoned. Her father lost the family business to the

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