Reflection Of Emotional Leadership

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An article published in Fortune Publication (1998) broached a pertinent question: What is the secret of success? What separates people who excel in life from people who, despite obvious know-how and skills, never seem to get very far? This article offers emotional intelligence as an answer to this very fitting question. This research essay is aimed at understanding that query in more depth from a personal and professional leadership perspective. This chapter will clarify the characteristics of some unfamiliar concepts and define emotional leadership. In order to research the contribution of emotional leadership to personal and professional effectiveness in a work environment, it is essential to create a common understanding of the terminology used. Therefore, this chapter Aims to : • Explain the personal leadership perspective. • Elucidate the concept emotional intelligence through word analysis and literature study. • Define and describe the concept emotional leadership by way of literature studies. • Investigate the nature and function of emotional intelligence. DESCRIPTION OF PERSONAL LEADERSHIP By nature people are social and having relationships is a basic human need. 'People are business, people are fun, and people are life ', but the quality of our relationships is only as good as our ability to manage ourselves (Vermeulen 1999: 158). Personal and professional leadership alludes to how individuals lead their personal lives, as well as how they would lead,
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