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10th February Drama Log Today was our first lesson in Drama, and Miss Cooper introduced herself. We were in 601, as we are every week.
Miss Cooper talked about what she expected of us and what we were going to learn. She handed out our drama log assessment notification, and read out the sheet and explained the assessment. She then read out the classroom rules, as followed. 1. Demonstrate control of your body. 2. Raise your hand politely to speak. 3. Always try your best. 4. Maintain concentration to stay on task. 5. Audience etiquette - watch, listen, learn and show respect.
After this we played a drama game called "Stage Names." We first sat in a circle in the centre of the room and first told the class our first name and then our stage
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First we briefly took notes on the "Elements of Drama". Role and character are emphasised in the following ways: • Directed by focus. • Driven by tension. • Made explicit in time.
Miss told us what these meant and why they were important, and the importance of an engaged audience in Drama. We then did a drama game where you split into two lines, both facing each other. Miss told us certain situations we had to act out, such as one person being a baby, and one person being an adult talking baby talk to the first person. We went through a variety of different situations, and this helped reinforce the "Elements of Drama" and boosted our drama confidence. After the first drama game the class split up into two groups, this time to play a drama game involving truths and lies. One person from one group had to make up two truths about themselves, and one lie. The person making up the lie picked somebody from the opposite group to pick and decide which one was the truth and which one was the lie. Regardless of whether they got it right or not, it was then their turn.

24th February Drama
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We then divided into two groups, boys and girls. We played a variation of charades where you acted out the scene Miss gave you from her phone. One player from one group came up and acted the scene out, and an opposite team member had to guess it. The player that guessed it then had to act out the scene. The girls acted out all their scenes, however the boys couldn 't do any. After this we did a mime performance, where we divided into groups and Miss gave us a situation to perform a mime performance on. My group was given a situation on an aeroplane, where my character was irritated by three people around me. One was behind me and was kicking my seat, the second was snoring and smelt bad and the third one wouldn 't move their legs when I asked them to. The third passenger then put an annoyed look on their face and make a hand gesture, letting my character through. I then came back and asked them to move again, however they wouldn 't move their legs so my character kicked them. This was a mime performance because it showed and expressed a feeling and idea without dialogue or sound, instead using gestures and

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