How Did Guy Montag Change In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper burns. This entire book is based in modern day America where Guy Montag, a fireman, is the protagonist. In this modern world firemen do not put out fires rather set homes ablaze if those homes own books. The people in this world do not have time for books or even for basic conversation. Neither do they think independently or have the affection for family. Guy Montag is a dedicated fireman who is ruthless when it comes to doing his job yet his encounter with a seventeen year old Clarisse Mclaren changes his view of the world he lives in. He begins doubting the very world he is a part of. He also sees a weird turn of events in his life where his wife Mildred attempts to commit suicide, an old woman refuses to leave her home while it was ablaze for the sake of her books and the death of his neighbour Clarisse with whom he seemed to have developed an unexplainable attachment. His sadness with life increases and he then resorts to reading books himself. These books he procured from saving them from the fires he caused.
He wishes his life partner supports him in his desire to find out what the world of book holds for its reader yet she prefers the company of the television more than of her husband.
When Montag fails
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He gets frustrated and takes out one of his books and reads a poem out of it. This leaves the women disturbed and they file a complaint against Montag. Beatty confuses Montag by placing forth the ocntradictions that great books have. He tries to explain that literature is a dangerous idea and deserves to be turned to ash. Suddenly the alarm (that rang to signal the whereabouts the house that needs to be incinerated) rang. And it was from Montag's home. He realised that his own wife had betrayed him. Beatty forces Montag to burn the house himself and then places him under
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