Reflection Of Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers is a film about a young, idealistic teacher Erin Gruwell and her class of racially mixed students at Wilson High School in long Beach, California. It is based on a true story. The movie shows us, how can a new inspirational teacher change the inner-city and at-risk students, who all live pretty tough lives, from self -desert to feel free in mind? It’s believed that her optimism and perseverance, using proper strategies to grasp the mental change and devoting all her energy to the children, which many other teachers can learn from, make her success.

Her optimism and perseverance change the relationship with students from discriminate to mutual respect.
As a new teacher, Erin Gruwell learned the students’ situation from the office and said optimistically: “I may not a good teacher, but I’ll be a good student.” But the first day Erin Gruwell enters classroom with coltish enthusiasm, the students turn blind eyes to her. Part of the reason is the racism. Ms. G is white which represents privilege that treat badly to them. Meanwhile, education means nothing to them. They’re force to study. After then she witness the terrible behavior students did, and soon realizes that her diverse group of students is embroiled in the racial gang war culture of the time. At this point Ms. G did not abandon, she try her best to give the students brand-new books, make them know she care and respect them no matter what happened. If it were not her perseverance, there will not have
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