Garcia/Godinez Instruments Analysis

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The Garcia/Godinez duo performance was just amazing and unique. The instruments they played were very different from other instruments we most of the times get to hear in our daily basis. Even though I belong to the Mexican culture, most of the instruments were new, and for some others I finally caught the names. I really appreciate the indigenous music; I feel the connection with my heritage as well as how interesting it is to see how my ancestors created such wonderful music made by such unique and creative music instruments. One of the new instruments I got to know during this music presentation was the Teponaztli, the musical bow. The first time Christopher Garcia played it, I thought he was playing a Mexican instrument called “Marimba”;…show more content…
I wish they could have being played more, because one hour wasn’t enough to appreciate all their instruments and get to know more about the Indian music. The duo complemented each other and they were very coordinated, although at the beginning I thought they were not synchronized, though as the performance was continuing on, their connection increased as well as their security towards the audience. It was really impressing to see how many instruments both of musicians were able to play. Mr. Garcia is a musician that really takes his job seriously and I can see he enjoys it too much; he’s one of a few people that can play many instruments at the same time, therefore that is something that deserves credit and must be appreciated. Meanwhile, Miss. Godinez played the harp in an intensive mood that made her performance stunning. She also played three instruments: the violin, pedal harp, lever harp –which I have never had hear before. I really like this type of music because it personally connects me with my heritage and also it is a music that I think everyone enjoys because of its uniqueness. The instruments are very old fashion and I think that is one of the reasons why many people like these types of performances. Indigenous music should be spread worldwide so people can discovered first these creative instruments, second the uniqueness of these music, and third of

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