Reflection On The Creation Of God

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We are all wondering about how we are created. And we all know that for us believers of Christ, we believe that all the things that we can see, feel, etc. Is made by God. To simplify things, God is the creator of all material and immaterial things. But who is God? How can we describe our creator? God is the Supreme Being. He is considered as the “Almighty Father” because He is the creator and ruler of all things. God is referred as the strong one, as the majesty or master, unique, transcendent and a loving and caring father to all His creations. If He is known for being the most loving and caring father, why did He allow imperfections, problems and sins to be present in His creations? I think God allowed all the hardships, imperfections, problems and sins in this world because if He did not allow all of this in the world I think people would not know the importance of God the Father. What if all things in the world are full of happiness? What if we are born to be equal? If equality is present I think there would be no improvement in the society or in other countries. People would just depend on themselves because they are already contented. I think God allowed these hardships to happen simply because He wants us to notice that He is important. That He is the one who created us and we should offer all our energy and effort to…show more content…
Thomas of Aquinas. These five ways are: God is the Unmoved Mover, perfect being, uncaused causer, intelligent designer and contingent being. But how can we prove that He exists? The most common way to prove His existence is the miracles that are happening to the people. These miracles cannot be explained through science, even the best doctors or scientists do not know what made someone free from illness, even though the patient cannot be cure but he was cured because of God. Just praying to God and trusting in Him we can surely be
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