Reflection Of Health Education

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Health education from my viewpoint plays a vital role in both the personal and academic life of any student. The knowledge that I have learned throughout the course are of immense value, encompassing all areas of health such as psychological, physical and social health which are in no way less significant to each other. The practical implications that the course brought about in my mind can be deemed very fruitful as I was able to realize that there are many people around me, even on the same campus who suffer from this kind of psychological and societal health problems and that there are ways to help them recover from it. ABC Life helped me to understand the different facets of psychological health and its social determinants. ABC Life is one gem of a course that enabled me and everybody took the course to assess life with all its problems and consequences in a totally different perspective that every health issue that we may face, be it psychological or physical is purely the outcome and reflection of every decision that we make at all critical junctures in our lives. The course had been extremely educative to me as all I had previously been just assumptions regarding health education but now I’m clear and confident about the same. I have come to know that health education can be broadly grouped into the following categories namely, 1. Physical health, 2. Emotional health, 3. Social health, 4.Spiritual Health and 5. Environmental health. where Physical health is

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