Reflection Of Hearing Impairment

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With seven teachers, five teachers inside the classroom, I thought that teaching this class would not that be exciting. Entering the room with the idea that this class was composed of children with Hearing Impairment, all I have felt was the feeling of doubt- at first. But I was wrong; I have never been excited and thrilled to teach these children.

Upon entering the classroom, or cooperating teacher asked us if we knew basic sign language. At first, I was hesitant to say ‘yes’ because I am thinking of the fact that I am with my co-interns who doesn’t have a background about signing; I don’t want them to feel that they are inferior to me. However, I tried my best to courteously say that I was able to learn basic sign language- the alphabet, the numbers and some greetings.

Our cooperating teacher then informed us that we are going to teach pure sign language to this class since all students can only understand sign-language. Deep inside I was really excited, this was what I have been waiting for, and this was all I want- to enter and to teach in a very different kind of classroom setting.

There were seven students; five boys and two girls. Their ages ranges from 9 to 16 years old. They were on their third grade. My cooperating teacher was Ms. Micaela Jajalla, a Hearing Impairment-teacher for almost 30 years. We are four interns inside the classroom.

My cooperating teacher was very humble and very supportive. She even taught us the basic sign language! She never assumes
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