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I read the book, I Am David, written by Anne Holm, The main character David, who was forced to live in a camp his whole life, cheated death with a suicide escape attempt. “A moment later he had touched the ground on the other side” (Holm 6). David had escaped, something I’ve never had to deal with before. The thought of being free is really something I have never thought of. It has always just occurred to me what it is to be free. In the book, David tells us what freedom is and how precious it is. David lives in a way different lifestyle than I do. In the book, he had just experienced freedom for the first time. I have been free my whole life. This is one of the biggest differences between David and I’s cultures. When David escapes and earns freedom for the first time ever, he doesn 't believe it, and he thinks that they are playing a game with him. Throughout the book, many people help David with his journey. People in his culture seem very generous; nothing like here in the United states. For example, people here making a massive amounts of income, won’t give their spare change to a good cause. People in the book, help David every day. Giving him money, rations of food, and a place to stay. The community is very friendly in his society. My culture has limited dark spots. Where I live, there isn 't much poverty, or especially camps with limited food and detained cells. I have it really good; I have a nice home, car, and plenty of food. David lacks a lot of these

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