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Marcellian Phenomenological reflections on Incarnation The central theme of Marcellian Philosophy is the Incarnate being. It deals with the basic trials and situations of human existence. Incarnation means the fundamental situation of the human being, the rational animal. Also man is a being in the world and beyond the world. Man is a being who has a body and spirit. Marcel writes in his book ‘L’Esthetique musicale de Gabriel Marcel’ “You may call the whole of my philosophy, a philosophy of incarnation” .The concept of incarnate being leads the philosopher to the affirmation: ‘I am my body’, which is always the central affirmation in the Marcellian philosophy. Leaving the analysis of my body to further description, in this chapter I try to follow the Marcellian phenomenological reflections on Incarnation. 2.1 Incarnation: the fundamental situation of man Incarnation means the fundamental situation of man. Marcel writes: “Incarnation - the central given of metaphysics. Incarnation is the situation of a being who appears to himself to be, as it were bound to a body. I can neither say that it is I, nor that…show more content…
My situation is not only my present circumstances but also it is my past, future, abilities, weaknesses etc. “The essence of man is to be, in a particular situation” says Marcel. Where there is a life there must be a situation. So there can’t be any life without any situation. Life and situation are that much interconnected and inseparable. What Marcel speaks is not merely a matter of physical and temporal location. But ‘To be in a situation’ means to be placed in a specific and concretely qualified and dynamic life –connection that cannot be reduced to abstract terms. Marcel writes: “we must note, however, that this living being, the fact that it lives, and dynamic scheme which expresses its situation, can be separated only at the price of a vicious abstraction. In reality, the two are strictly
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