Reflection Of John Winthrop's A Model Of Christian Charity

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As both governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and a Puritan leader, John Winthrop had a significant role in establishing cultural Puritan ideology which, in turn, characterized American colonists. During his time as Governor, Winthrop transformed the unknown into a prosperous society. His belief was that it was the Puritan mission to establish a pure commonwealth that would function as a model to the world. In Winthrop’s sermon “A Model of Christian Charity,” he describes what it necessary for the Puritans to succeed in their mission to create a substantial society. Winthrop professes that success in their endeavors depends on communal harmony and obedience to the covenants of God. Winthrop attempts to provide the Puritans with a foundation on which to…show more content…
The pivotal function of Winthrop’s sermon is amplified because of the way it is structured. The sermon is divided up into three parts or sections. In the first section, he begins with a small excerpt about the division and differences between God’s people such as the rich and the…show more content…
Johnson interprets, the repeative theme of the division between the rich and the poor was not intended to stir up strife or show favoritism, but to moderate and restrain them. This was to ensure that this ideal be understood amongst the Puritans. Although it was not the first explanation for this separation, the reason Winthrop presented to his audience was that it would draw them together, thus making them “knit together” in “brotherly efftection” (Johnson 244-245). Johnson also points out, “Winthrop accepted the idea of blissful state of primitive communism” (235-236). He strongly advises his listeners to strive towards the importance togetherness and not on the needs of the individual. God is to come before man; he is placed above all needs for he is the provider of

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