Reflection Of Karili

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Karili. During music class, Karili has shown an amazing respect and comprehension of instructions. Fully motivated and being part of the activities. On the music instrument, she is experienced and share her knowledge, perfect on tempo and remarkable critical thinking on her performance. Her caring about the class, being part of the class and classmates is impressive. Riya. She can be reserved about sharing her ideas and feelings during class, but her practice and being part of the groups helps her to continue and achieve her goals. She shows improvement on the tempo and music pitch skills. Following instructions correctly and being respectful helps her to get that improvement. Giulietta. Is full of energy and strongly motivated in the music class, she is caring with her classmates showing them rhythm and sharing her knowledge. She shows her responsibility and enjoyment at playing the piano. She is taking new and different challenges, making the best of them. Great job on tempo and musical knowledge. Mia. Great knowledge on her music instruments. Fully motivated and confident in playing different challenges and rhythms. Extraordinary management of tempo musical structures and dynamics. Respectful on the music class and all the activities. Teagan. She is a student with a lot of energy during the classroom, and when she focus that energy in the singing and the activities, the results are great, She is aware of the music tempo and that’s helping her with the musical

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