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When I raised my hand, and took my oath of service I had no idea of the journey Leadership Philosophy that laid ahead of me. Joining late in life was one transition, but the transition into the Non-Commission Officer (NCO) Corps, and a leader has been a very rewarding experience. The values that were instilled in me as a child and those that have been drilled into my make-up as an NCO are very similar. The tenants of the seven Army Values have been what I have lived by most of my life and career, however there are four out of the seven values that I hold most valuable and live out on a day to day basis. Loyalty, respect, self-less service and integrity are the values that map the life that I lead. When in consideration of…show more content…
Added to the supervision and oversight of their daily duties, I as a leader am there to help, guide and give that listening ear when needed in whatever capacity. Ensuring that they are aware of all the military and or personal options, and opportunities that are available to them are taken advantage of. Progressing in their careers and a clear path for their future is another aspect of my leadership philosophy that I hold first and foremost. No junior soldier that has passed through my path, whether they have been assigned to me or just work under the same command/unit has not gotten the three infamous questions that I have come to ask throughout my career: 1. What are your goals in life? 2. Are you enrolled in school and furthering your education in some capacity, whether it be certifications and or a degree(s), and tracking your education needed for your military career? 3. Are you happy? Taking an interest in the lives of your Soldiers on a broad scope I believe is important to ensuring that they are in good standing overall, comfortable in the path they

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