Reflection Of Mark As A Interview To The Japanese Culture

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The person that I interviewed for the assignment was “Mark”. Mark is a pansexual, middle-aged male and is an administrator at a community college where he oversees an academic division. The interview was challenging because of the complexity of Mark’s life. When asked how he would identify himself, his response began by noting that, “a person is how they identify themselves and not on the labels that others give them.” However, he reported that according to his colleagues and the people he engages with on a daily basis, he reported that he has predominantly been referred as a Mexican. However, because of his cultural experiences he has also been identified as Japanese and/or Oriental. “Mark” proceeded in informing me that he culturally identifies himself as a Japanese-American. When future asked to elaborate about his culture, he further explained that identity is more than the blood that runs through his veins. At a young age, Mark expose himself to the Japanese culture and was quite fascinating by their language, customs and history. This was highly reflected in his speech, in his manners, in the artifacts displayed in his office. There were several times during the interview in which he often thought before speaking. He would catch himself initiating the conversation in Japanese but would easily translated his ideas into English. Mark was comfortable speaking Japanese even if it was not his first language. Mark reported that plenty of people are put off when introduces

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