Reflection Of Maurice Merleau Ponty's Eye And Mind

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The jumping off point for this project came when I was reflecting on and reviewing my works and practices to date, trying to locate the question of what it is I wish to express. My work thus far has been interrelated and my voice as an artist is imbued within the corporeal and the formal qualities of the materials. My research and practice lie within the human condition, from the somatic to the many varied psychological landscapes we experience. I explore the question of what it means to be human and our understanding of ‘place’ within the world.

Maurice Merleau Ponty’s essay ‘Eye and Mind’ examines how art displays the act of viewing, extending from Martin Heidegger’s Being-in-the-world, ‘The Sense of Being’. Ponty examines the paradox of human vision. The body that sees also sees itself — in other words, we not only perceive the world but also ourselves within it.

The intention of this project is to document my physical trajectory from Bangalow to Barcelona. The investigation is practice-led, using the mutable data to create a map of my experience throughout this journey. The work will be a 3D object — a journal, which focuses on corporeal body mapping and the sensorial meaning of spatial perceptions.
This project is an opportunity for me to expand my current research and visual language, posing the question of how I can lose myself in a lived moment and how to represent the notions of cartography and embodiment through traces.

I would argue that by observing
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