Reflection Of My English: My Second Language

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I was a pleasure and a great opportunity to be a part of this English language course. English being my second language I was always very reluctant to use it as I was never truly able to express myself. My English was weak both in terms of speaking and writing. This course proved to be of great assistance to help me cover come my doubts and worries about The English language. I could feel myself evolve as a writer as each assignment progressed.
Every assignment focused on polishing a particular skill set. They were each designed to teach specific techniques and styles of expressing oneself. The writing tools used for every assignment had something unique about it to learn. The lectures, the notes, and the book were a great source of knowledge and inspiration. The essays that I am the most proud of is ‘personal narrative’ and perspective assignment whereas the assignment that I found to be most difficult was my research paper
Starting with the narrative essay. The task was to write a significant event in your life that influenced you in some way. This assignment seemed easy in the start but I soon realized that digging in deep in your past is not easy. Never the less the task was interesting. To think back and extract out a part of your past that has shaped you into the person you are today. In the beginning, I had some difficulty
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It imparted various techniques through its various assignments and writing task. Each task was systematically placed to teach us the tool required to develop us as writers. In the start is was really worried as English had always been my weak point but the notes and the guideline given by the teachers improved my work a great deal. I can really see the progress I made from the first assignment to the last one. Now I feel much more confident about my writing. I would carry these lessons with me thought my academic and professional
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