Reflection Of My Teaching Philosophy

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Summary: My teaching philosophy is largely shaped by observing my most motivational professors. From my undergraduate work, graduate work, and life experience in the field, three major principles have emerged as fundamental. Number one is to devote observation of students and their unique differences. Number two is to enhance immediacy. Number three is to encourage the art of critical thinking. The following paragraphs will highlight the tactics that hope to accomplish those goals. Pedagogical Approach: William Cronon 's (1998) essay, "Only Connect…" has surely inspired many of us who have had a liberal arts education. I appreciate the communication discipline for that very reason, making people connections. Cronon (1998) cites a friend whose father taught him the most important job in any conversation was, "to figure out what 's so neat about what the other person does" (p. 3). I have always strived to get to what is "neat" about others and discussion forums served to be a good resource for that. Students were surprised at what I had remembered about them. It is my desire to help nurture the growth of their talents by knowing more about them. I have spent my graduate studies focused on approaches specific to the online classroom environment using technology. The broad scope of communication scholarship brings a variety of career paths available to students. From public broadcasting to low-profile copywriting, the range invites a myriad of traits and skills. It is my
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