Reflection Of My Writing

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At the start of my freshman year, literature and language had no interest to me and I feel as though my writing reflected that. When it came to learning how to improve sentence structure or understanding the author’s purpose I was disengaged and didn’t completely grasp key concepts that would have improved my writing ability. But as my time in high school has gone on I’ve come to better understand how important it is to know these skills and that has made a huge and very visible difference in my writing. And because of that writing has become an outlet of personal expression to me as opposed to just being an obnoxious part of English. Three years ago, my writing was weak in terms of grammatical errors. I often had a tendency to write run on sentences and struggled with punctuation and things of that nature. However, I found myself…show more content…
Focusing on sentence structure, punctuation, quotations and things like that in class instead of the things I knew I was already good at improved my writing because it made it easier to understand from the reader’s perspective. By doing that, it actually made writing and English as a whole more enjoyable to me and it quickly became a form of personal expression to me. While I was focused on correcting my weaknesses I was also intent on improving my strengths. In the 10th grade, my teacher would hold writing workshops every other week in which we would get a topic, write about that topic and then share with others in the group in order to enhance our writing skills and teach us tools we can use to advance our work. Here I could listen to others as well as share my own work which taught me how to better keep readers engaged. I feel as if it was that constant flow of feedback that helped me to
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