Reflection Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Elie Wiesel has written his story from personal experience. The book Night gives you an inside image of the horrors and hopelessness in Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps of World War II. Wiesel tells how his childhood turns around within a few years of being a man in the concentration camps. From my perspective this book is not only a warning sign for our future generations, it’s a well descriptive novel and a good story to read, it gives a great Intel and goes into great depth about that time in history. Also one of the only books that has showed me one’s voice has a very huge impact than a listing of statistics. Elie Wiesel spent his childhood in a town called Sighet, there he lived with his father, mother and two sisters. The town…show more content…
All in all, from then on everyone was only there to work and try to survive. Those who couldn’t work, older people, the sick, women and the small children were to be killed instantly without being able to resist it, nothing could stop these vindictive men from prowling for death. Everyone else who was able to work were given a new look, and a whole new identity, Wiesel had become prisoner A-7713, which was tattooed on his forearm. Throughout the months it’s a surviving game for everyone, work, eat, sleep, and survive, there was nothing else to do in the concentration camps. Seasons go by, the winter was the worst, people would get sick and they wouldn’t have the strength to recover back to normal, more people died. Elie Wiesel lost his father right before the end of all that trauma, once and for all it was going to be over but this father couldn’t make it to the end. Wiesel almost lost faith in the world, and in God because he lost everyone and everything during this devilish act. In the end, he thought he must of survived for a reason, he found some faith in living again. Elie Wiesel survived not only because he’s a strong willed person, but because he needed to get his voice out there, he wanted to tell his story from his view, he wanted this event to never happen to anyone
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