Reflection Of Oedipus The King

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INTRODUCTION TO THE PLAY Oedipus Rex is a play written by Sophocles in 429 BC. Oedipus Rex was a king who happened to kill his own biological father Laius and married his biological mother Jocasta and had kids with her. The most prominent role was played by fate in the life of Oedipus Rex which coiled the characters in such a way that could not try and avoid the prophecy of a great Tiresias.
Aware of a terrible curse that has befallen Thebes, Oedipus sends his brother-in-law, Creon, to seek the advice of Apollo. Creon informs Oedipus that the curse can only be prevented if the murderer of Laius, who was the former king; is found and prosecuted. Laius was murdered several years ago at a crossroads.
Oedipus devotes himself to the discovery and prosecution of Laius’s perpetrator. Oedipus subjects a series of evasive citizens to questioning, along with a blind prophet. Tiresias, the blind prophet, discloses Oedipus that Oedipus himself killed Laius. This news really concerns Oedipus, but his wife Jocasta tells him not to consider prophets words; they 've been incorrect before.
As an example, she tells Oedipus about how she and King Laius had an heir who was prophesied to murder Laius and sleep with her. Jocasta and Laius had the child abandoned by one of their servants so he dies, so obviously that prophecy didn 't come true according to them.
Jocasta 's story doesn 't relieves Oedipus. As a child, an old man told Oedipus that he was not the real child of his parents, and that
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