Reflection Of Overseas Immersion Experiences

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Overseas Immersion Experience – Individual Journal It was an honour participating in the Overseas Immersion Program (OIP) held at Tianjin, China. It had expanded my knowledge of local education system and allowed me to absorb cross cultural concepts. Every day was a great learning opportunity for me. In terms of knowledge, I undertook one core module and had gained an insight into the Chinese culture. On the other hand, soft skills that I had picked up include independence and interpersonal skills. Below are 3 areas that I would like to focus on in this journal. The first portion of the journal will cover the Chinese work ethics and business practices. Followed by the Chinese social behaviour. Work Ethics and Business Practices With the rising trend of doing business globally, understanding the Chinese work ethics and business practices became increasingly important. In brief, the traditional Confucianism values are factors that are heavily influencing the Chinese society. The Chinese highly value harmonious relationships. ‘Mian Zi’ (face) and ‘Guan Xi’ (relationship) are the fundamental concepts that affect the Chinese social behaviours, as well as in business context. Hence, understanding these concepts aids communication and avoids any unnecessary problems that may arise when doing business/dealing with the Chinese. The face concept basically means never embarrass anyone and always show respect in a form of giving face, so as to establish good relationship because the

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