Reflection Of Personal Essay Writing

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Mastering all skills in essay writing is a long way to go and you need to work harder and harder gradually to gain further achievements. As for me, after years of learning, I have pocketed certain skills. However, I realize I still need to learn more to complete myself after receiving the letter from a college friend of mine. Last week, I had a writing task to do and when I finished, I asked for my friend’s comments on my argumentative essay so that I could know what should be improved in my writing. Three days ago, I received her letter containing her judgments and found them useful. After reading it carefully and having serious thoughts, first of all, I have to send her many thanks for having spent time reading my six page essay and noting down many useful things. Then, I want to write down what I drew from her letter. My Toulmin argumentative essay and annotated bibliography were about women’s rights especially women’s leadership. In my annotated bibliography, I used three articles of three stockholders who were Barack Obama –…show more content…
Overall, she thought it was good. In detail, she said there were some mistakes which need improving. She said some of my sentences lacked variety in length and complexity and sometimes, the linking words were not very accurate. However, she did not show me detailed examples so I had some difficulties in figuring out what I should improve. Moreover, in her opinion, my word range was good and all I need to do was that for some words, I should have made it more academic. Besides, the grammatical structures were also good despite some minor errors. Once again, I’d prefer she had given more specific examples as I hardly saw grammatical mistakes in my essay. In this part of her letter, I somehow was not very satisfied as she was “jumping” into the flow without evidences. However, I still appreciate her comments and try to be more perfect based on her
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