Reflection Of Personal Leadership

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This essay is a reflection of my personal leadership development blueprint this quarter. The paper identifies three main attributes that have made me to become a change leader this quarter. The essay concludes by highlighting some core values that have successfully made this change possible.
An effective leader is defined as encouraging people to take risks - to evaluate their core beliefs and worldview - and engage effectively with others (Flanagan, 2014). Ordinarily, his objective is to guide people towards change so that they can adapt and appreciate it. To achieve this, he needs encouragement to relinquish 'the old '. When he does, change occurs. Rosabeth Moss Kanter states that "a change leader shares three attributes: the imagination to innovate, the professionalism to perform, and the ingenuousness to collaborate" (Moss, 1999). Concisely, Kanter identifies the three foremost important characteristics a leader can bring to a changing organization: passion, conviction, and confidence in others (Moss, 1999). Therefore, using these attributes, the leader assists individuals to change, by first aiding them to change their core beliefs, how they think, and their attitudes and then their behavior.
Ostensibly, Chris Lowney explains how this is achievable. Conversely, he identifies four pillars of leadership - self-awareness, creativity, or ingenuity, innovation, or heroism, and love- and describes how they build a leader to embrace change (Lowney, p. 9). According to him,
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