Personal Statement: My Personal Leadership Philosophy

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For a person to find his or her path in the world and to lead others effectively, one need to develop a clear vision of what she or he is aiming to accomplish and be able to communicate that vision with others to gain support. However, each person has a different vision and as a leader one’s personal vision, influence the kind of the personal leadership philosophy; he or she have. This explains why different people, demonstrate different personal leadership philosophy. In short, personal leadership philosophy consists of how a person views leadership and describes how he or she regards himself as a leader. Creating a leadership philosophy is a personal process which enables a person to understand what she or he believe leadership…show more content…
The first one is that, I believe in the servant leadership philosophy. Personally, I put more value in serving rather than leading. I think leading will natural come, when you are serving others. Because most people will be inspired or influenced to follow you when you serve or help them. That is why I make sure that I engage in different volunteer works, in which I am able to serve without expecting any reward. The second is the Participative Leadership Philosophy. This is because; I value relationship and ideas of people. I think that, as leaders, I can not succeed without the help from the people I serve. Thus, I make sure that I maintain good relation or cooperation with them. And make sure that I listen to and consider their view as well as involve them in the decision making process. In addition to these two Philosophies, I also believe that a great leader is the one who is interested in bringing positive change in people. Thus, the Charismatic is third Leadership Philosophy that I believe in. In my leadership, I always wish that I inspire and motivate somebody, so that they can keep moving forward instead of…show more content…
In that, just like traveller choses his or her path and transport mode which he or she thinks is suitable for him or her. In leadership, a person makes up his vision or goal and determine what kind of leadership philosophy, he or she can use to achieve that vision. However, the leader should not to expect that things will always work smoothly. Barrier and challenges will always be there. But this should not make him or her lose hope. Instead the challenges should be used as opportunities of trying out new leadership strategies. For example, if you are a leader in a particular organization, you will meet external pressure from other competitors. Thus, if this happens make sure that you organize well your people and work in order to keep your organization thriving, instead of failing. Another example is that of parents and children. As a responsible parent you are leader of your children; thus, if your children are misbehaving, it does not mean that you should feel frustrated or beat them. But rather, develop positive discipline strategies that you can use to positively guide your children’s behavior. In short, good leaders, should deal with the challenges affectively so that they can grow strong and be responsible, instead of being failures. And this , will create great leaders who will also create great and successful
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