Reflection Of Personal Writing: The Importance Of Writing

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My writing process is like a car on the road. There are moments where the car just keeps on driving and then sometimes the car comes across a road block. The car has to find a different pathway to reach the destination. It is pretty scary being the last child in my family of four to attend college. I’m expected to know more than my older sibling and parents since I have been taught everything they know about life. In highschool, I had always excelled in math more than I did in writing. Problem solving has always been a skill of mine, so I knew math was the subject for me. Writing wasn’t my favorite most of the time since I was expected to follow my dad’s path to engineering. I focused more on the major subjects that would lead me into the career path. Then it wasn’t until I came to De Anza college to realize the importance of writing. When I first started EWRT 211, I came across many roadblocks in my writing. These roadblocks include grammar, structure, and organization. EWRT 211 helped me learn and improve on these aspects to become a better writer.…show more content…
The course went into emphasis on practicing organization and essay construction. I learned to organized my essays with the method of using outlines and using PIE. The outlines helped me arrange my ideas for each paragraph, while the PIE method helped me explain my ideas. The course has also taught me more skills in grammar. I learned the basics of grammar, which includes punctuation, word correction, and constructing a developed sentence. These skills helped me gain more knowledge in my grammar and how it can make difference in a sentence. Not only has EWRT 211 taught me these skills, but also taught me to just have fun with writing. I learned to have fun with my writing, and think critically at the same time. Having fun with my writing helped me express myself, and helped me have the ability to write thoughtful

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