Self Reflection Paper On Professionalism: Career And Personal Life

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Self-reflection Paper Ladenia Gordon-Thompson Brookline College January 28, 2018 I was asked what professionalism means to me and how does it apply to my career and personal life. Being professional can simply mean being polite, well-dressed, these qualities can help you not only in the workplace, but in daily life. Professionalism to me means having integrity and being respectful to your bosses and coworkers/employees. It applies to me at work because I am a behavioral health tech I work with people who have serious mental illnesses. I help them re-learn everyday living skills such as cooking cleaning, becoming more social etc. Everyday I deal with parents, grandparents, guardians, case managers, advocates the list can go on so I must always be respectful greet them when they arrive. Your language also plays an important part in creating a professional atmosphere, you Shouldn't have inappropriate conversation with family members or the residents, and always use correct terms…show more content…
I allowed my coworkers to bring me out of my professional character because they were being polite and respect. I learned after that day the vest way to respond to the situation is to walk away and consult a supervisor or manager about the situation. By learning to do that I kept myself out of unneeded altercations and I started having healthy environments at work. I stopped losing my job for snapping off and it also taught me how to stay calm and handle things a little better which I applied to my outside life as well. Professional and compassion falls in the same category to me because having compassion towards the people you take care of shows them you really are a professional and take your job seriously. It gives your patients confidence in you and the procedure you must do one
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