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In this Self Evaluation Reflective Essay, it will discuss about the acknowledgements I previously had before Public Speaking. The new skills I have gained when taking this course, mentioning a couple of skills that I believe will stick with me. There are skills I could work on and continue to improve on. Briefly state a specific skill I will take with me in my future career and it applies to my everyday work life. The perspective this course that has taught me when someone is delivering a speech. Lastly my general honest opinion on the course of Public Speaking. Taking this course of Public Speaking has helped me develop new methods to take with me and apply them when needed. The skill I previously had before taking Public Speaking was making eye contact with the audience and to speak with confidence. Speaking with confidence makes people assume you do know what you are talking about. The many new skills I gained when taking this course was to shorten a whole outline of what you plan to talk about and having to minimize into a specific time range. The most helpful part about having a time requirement when delivering a speech is to say your important information, state your main points and close it off. It also makes the presenter not wander off and say irrelevant information.
The utilization of ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade was one of the many skills I gained this quarter. I heard speeches before but never paid attention of how the speaker grabs the audience

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