Personal Narrative: Reading Across America

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In my childhood, I was curious and full of energy. I was in an age where I was being to explore and learn new things, and most of the times my curiosity lead me into serious trouble. It was double the trouble when I include my sister in the picture. We were the worse when we were around six or seven years old. My aunt used to compare us to a tornado because we were always causing chaos and breaking something around her house. It just makes me laugh whenever I remember those days because it was hundred percent true. I don 't even know how my aunt had the patience whenever we stayed over or came for a visit. I no longer a mischief child because as time goes by I start to change as well.

Every year in middle school left an reading assignment over the summer. One year the theme was Reading Across America. Each day one has read for twenty minutes, and once that was accomplished, you 'll color in a state. There was also a time where the theme was to read a specific genre. At the time I despised reading, but each year you 'll always find me with a book in my hands. To tell you the truth, I didn 't read word by word; I used to just skim through the pages. I did read a little bit here and there, but at a young age, I hardly had any patience, especially with
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My experience overall is an example of it. I lost many friends, made new ones and learn several new things. Even though those times weren 't the best, I know there are going to be better days in the future. I 'm getting closer to becoming an adult in which I 'll soon be making my own decisions based on where I want to work, where I want to live and what career I want to pursue. Hopefully, the path I choose to take I, give me the chance to accomplish my goals. I see myself living in a beautiful house, being financially stable, and having a fantastic job. I want to travel all the world such as Peru, California, Florida, and New England. Let 's see what the world has planned for
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