Reflection On Food For The Betterment Of Myself

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Over the course of the semester, I have noticed some small but positive changes in my life and ultimately within myself, as a result of the knowledge that I gained through taking ENGINEER 4A03. I gained a greater and deeper perspective in a large variety of different topics, helping to expand my mental process as well as understand the thought processes of those around me. With every lecture, quiz or assignment, I learned something new and from this new knowledge I discovered changes that I wanted to make in my life for the betterment of myself and the world.

To begin, the topic of our very first lecture was Ethical Dilemmas, where we discussed the different stakeholders in a variety of different scenarios. I was introduced to the reality of how one reacts may differ based on their role in the situation or their
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I learned new concepts such as positive purchases, and the positivity of local purchases on our economy. I was able to self-reflect a great deal, as I became aware that I could be making much more positive decisions in terms of my food choices, but I was not. I realized that yes, as a student I did live a busy life which did not leave time to search for these positive food choices, but there are many options that did not require any more effort than what I was currently putting in. I learned about the vegan options on campus, as well as the local produce food shops around Hamilton. Not to add, I learned that there were certain programs that would just deliver to my door, and all of these would still fit within my student budget. After learning about these options, I found myself subconsciously making changes. I was no longer interested in indulging on non-vegetarian foods and I was looking to organic and local food labels on the products I was

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